Mölnlycke Healthcare Wound Care

From post-operative dressings to skin graft fixation, Mölnlycke Health Care provides a range of Wound Care products that offer superior protection and performance for both patient and clinician. Biogel, Hibiclens, Barrier, and Mölnlycke Wound Care products set a new standard in infection control, surgical care and patient comfort.

In 2007, the CDC projected that 1.7 million patients would contract an infection in a hospital in the U.S., and 22% of these account for surgical site infections (SSIs). Click here to read more.

New restrictions on CMS reimbursements effective October 1, 2008, are forcing hospitals to become more accountable for SSI-related costs. In light of the new payment guidelines for HAIs and preventable conditions, Mölnlycke Wound Care offers a range of products to assist clinicians in preventing, protecting and/or treating wounds while at the same time providing less trauma and pain for patients.

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